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5 Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Hiring Them

Published by Adam Bungart

When looking to hire a professional plumber, you may have a number of questions. Are they reliable? Are they affordable? How efficient are they?

Before you hire a professional plumber, you need to do your due diligence. Look at the company’s Google Reviews, read about their services, and ask necessary questions.

Here are some of the five most important questions to ask a plumber before hiring them:

Questions to Ask a Plumber

1. How Long Have You Been a Plumber?

The first question you should ask a plumber before hiring is how long they’ve been working in the field. As it is with any service you receive, you want the person handling the job to have years of experience. An experienced plumber will have the knowledge necessary to understand the complexities of the job.

An expert local plumber has encountered every type of plumbing issue and knows how to handle every circumstance—including how to identify problems and solve them promptly. Hiring a reputable plumbing company with more than 25 years of expertise is better than hiring a plumber with only one or two years of experience.

2. How Much Will Your Service Cost?

This question can’t always be answered during the initial call since the plumber may need to evaluate the full scope of the work required. However, it is a good question to ask a plumber because if the price is too high for you, it could disqualify them from your search.

Ensure that everything is itemized for you. Inquire about any additional costs you might incur that aren’t mentioned in the quote. Get the plumber’s price quote in writing each time you receive one. It will enable you to know what price range to anticipate. Remember that the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best option and can indicate cutting corners to save on costs.

3. Are You Insured?

There is always risk associated with plumbing work, regardless of how many years of expertise or positive ratings your plumber has. A good question to ask a plumbing company is if they’re insured. While anyone can make a mistake, if your contractor is covered by insurance, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

The plumber’s insurance should cover any damage sustained during or as a result of the repair. It should cover water damage, mold, and other issues. It will safeguard both you and their business.

4. Do You Have Proper Credentials?

One of the most essential questions to ask when hiring a plumber is if they have the proper credentials to work on your plumbing system. Most states require plumbers to hold separate licenses for working on residential and commercial plumbing systems. If your plumber doesn’t have either of these certifications, it’s best not to hire them.

Additionally, some states differentiate plumbers’ skill levels. Generally, there are two types of plumbers:

  • Journeyman Plumber: A certified worker who has completed an apprenticeship and possesses moderate experience performing plumbing tasks under the guidance of a Master Plumber.
  • Master Plumber: An experienced and licensed professional with extensive expertise, capable of managing complex projects, designing plumbing systems, and overseeing the work of Journeyman Plumbers.

5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Simply put, you should never choose a plumbing company that doesn’t provide its customers with a warranty. Be sure to find out what services the company offers and which ones are covered by the warranty.

Those who provide guarantees are confident in the quality of their work. This is how reliable plumbers ensure that their clients are taken care of and not abandoned if specific problems persist or worsen.

Common Plumbing Scams to Be Aware Of

When looking for a plumbing company to take care of your plumbing repairs and installations, it’s best to be aware of certain scams some companies use. If you’re not an expert yourself, it can be hard to determine what advice and quotes are reliable or not.

Be aware of these plumber scams:

  • Bait and Switch: Some plumbers engage in a deceptive practice by attracting customers with an appealing offer, only to switch to higher prices or subpar services once hired.
  • Changing Estimates: Sometimes, plumbers will continuously alter their initially provided cost estimates, leading to unexpected and inflated charges for customers.
  • Multiple People Show Up: This is a tactic where more workers than necessary arrive, creating confusion and potentially justifying higher charges for the excessive workforce.
  • Withholding Information: Plumbers may fail to provide essential information, leaving customers uninformed and vulnerable to hidden fees or unnecessary services.
  • Increasing Prices: Sometimes plumbers will increase prices for wealthier areas or neighbors, purposefully taking advantage of customers.

If you’re looking for a plumbing company that you can rely on, turn to our experts at Rooter Ranger. We employ experienced, licensed plumbers who are all covered by insurance. Contact us when you need plumbing services in Arizona and Nevada.

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