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5 Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Hiring Them

Published by Adam Bungart

Are you looking for a plumber to install your new piping system? Is your water heater acting up and in need of immediate repair? You need to contact a local plumber immediately if you have these issues. 

Don’t panic and contact the first plumber you see after your search. You’ll need to do a bit of groundwork to hire the professional that provides the best value. This way, you can have a plumber you can call on any time you need expert help.

The following are questions you should ask a plumber to determine whether or not the person you are hiring is qualified for the job.

1. How long have you been a plumber? 

You should work with a plumbing company that has been in business for a while if you want someone with special expertise working on your home. An experienced plumber will have the knowledge necessary to understand the complexities of the job.

An expert local plumber has encountered every type of plumbing issue, and knows how to handle every circumstance – including how to identify problems and solve them promptly.

Hiring a reputable plumbing company with more than 25 years of expertise is better than hiring a plumber with only one or two years of experience.

2. How much will your service cost?

This inquiry can’t always be answered during the initial call since the plumber may need to come evaluate the full scope of the work required. 

Ensure that everything is itemized for you. Inquire about any additional costs you might incur that aren’t mentioned in the quote.

Get the plumber’s price quote in writing each time you receive one. It will enable you to know what price range to anticipate. Remember that the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best option and can indicate cutting corners to save on costs. 

3. Are you insured?

There is always risk associated with plumbing work, regardless of how many years of expertise or positive ratings your contractor has.

You won’t have to worry about something going wrong if the plumber you choose is adequately covered by insurance. You are always welcome to ask for proof of coverage. 

The plumber’s insurance should cover any damage sustained during or as a result of the repair. It should cover water damage, mold, and other issues. It will safeguard both you and their business. 

Find a trustworthy, insured plumber by doing your research in advance. Any unexpected situation can be dealt with appropriately.

4. Do you have proper credentials?

All reliable plumbers have a significant amount of experience performing high-quality work. It is a good indication when a plumber has credentials because they understand all the repercussions of providing plumbing services. 

Additionally, reputable plumbers should have many good reviews from their previous customers. 

5. Do you offer a warranty?

Simply put, you should never choose a plumbing company that doesn’t provide its customers with a warranty. Those who provide guarantees are confident in the quality of their work. 

This is how reliable plumbers ensure that their clients are taken care of and not abandoned if specific problems persist or worsen.

Be sure to find out what services the company offers and which ones are covered by the warranty. A plumber can handle various tasks, including clearing blocked drains, repairing leaks, and fixing grease traps.

Hire Only a Reliable Professional Plumber 

Finding a plumber doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Finding the ideal plumber should be simple if you ask potential candidates these questions.

Are you searching for a reputable home and business plumber? Rooter Ranger can solve any problem. Contact us to find out more about our offerings and to make an appointment.

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