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The reverse flow of water through clean water lines is called backflow. It can be a serious health hazard if it contains chemicals, fertilizers, sewage, and other contaminants. When water is siphoned into the drinking water from factories, pools, and other sprinkler systems, it can cause serious health issues.

While the United States has one of the safest public water worldwide, it records a staggering 32 million cases of acute gastrointestinal illness annually. Unfortunately, one of the culprits is backflow from contaminated water. To ensure your water is safe, you will need backflow testing services. This is where we come in.

At Ranger Rooter, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements and issues related to backflow prevention. We adhere to the highest level of due diligence to ensure water safety through testing, diagnostics, and repairs. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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Backflow Testing Phoenix residents can count on

When our team conducts backflow testing, it is a fast and straightforward process. A certified plumber will assess your backflow preventers, which are the devices designed to keep water flowing in the right direction and to act as a barrier against harmful contaminants.

While conducting backflow testing at your Phoenix home or business, a Rooter Ranger team member will open and close the valves of the prevention device to gauge if it is functioning properly.

We will also look for gauge movement, leakage, and other signs of malfunction. If all the valves are working as they should, you are all set! Otherwise, our expert Phoenix plumbers will recommend any needed repairs to ensure your water is clean and safe.

WHy your home needs professional backflow testing

The importance of backflow testing cannot be overstated. Our Phoenix plumbers have seen it all when it comes to contaminated water, and here are some of the top reasons they recommend backflow prevention testing:

Health Concerns

Most importantly, we want you and your loved ones to be safe. No matter if the property is residential or commercial, drinking contaminated water can lead to serious health issues. Backflow testing puts an extra barrier in place to prevent that from happening.

Building Damage

If water travels backward, contaminated or not, it can hit the walls and cause significant damage over time. If it hits the same spot continuously, the walls can weaken and crumble. This type of damage could end up being a costly and extensive repair.

Environmental Concerns

Beyond the immediate impact of harming the people around you, contaminated water that goes back to the sewer will eventually make its way to lakes and oceans. To avoid contributing to the pollution of these large bodies of water, you will need to have your preventer checked regularly.

If you use in-ground irrigation systems like lawn sprinklers, it would be wise to have a preventer. You might also need a backflow assembly if you have a separate irrigation meter at home.

The same principle applies if you have a water-serviced dock at home. If any of the scenarios are true in your case, it is ideal that you get backflow prevention testing at least once yearly.

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How to Pick the Right Backflow Preventer for Your Phoenix Home or Business

An experienced Rooter Ranger plumber will work with you to determine the best type of backflow preventer for your residential or commercial property. Your main options include a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), a spill-resistant vacuum breaker (SVB), or a reduced pressure (RP) backflow.  

A few things to keep in mind as you make your decision:


Complexity of Maintenance and installation

A pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or spill-resistant vacuum breaker (SVB) is easier to maintain and install. A reduced pressure (RP) backflow assembly is trickier to install and will require complex maintenance.


The exact price will vary depending on the size, complexity, and type of assembly or device. However, our experienced plumbers have found that a PVB is often the most economical option, while an RP is one of the most expensive.

Range of Coverage

Assemblies like PVBs have limited uses since they won't be able to prevent back pressure effectively, especially in high-hazard scenarios. Identifying the right level of protection for the household can help you determine the type of backflow prevention assembly that suits you best.
Working with an expert Phoenix plumber will help you make the right choice for you and your property.

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Todd MillerTodd Miller
22:02 09 Sep 22
My bathroom facet had lost all pressure for some reason. While driving to work, I had just happened to hear a commercial for Rooter Ranger offering a special for a plumbing evaluation. I called to schedule and appointment, and within 45 minutes, a gentlemen named Jason from Rooter Ranger was here.... He looked at the sink and within minutes, he determined that it was just the filter on the facet. With a few twists of a wrench, it was fixed. He shook my hand, told me to have a good weekend, and said “this one is on the house. Please remember us for next time.”What an unexpected and great experience. I will call Rooter Ranger next time and ask for Jason!read more
Rosie LarezRosie Larez
01:05 17 Aug 22
We had a huge problem with our plumping pipelines. Thankfully we've had a great experience with Miguel and Christian.They are both very professional, knowledgeable, courtesy, respectful and thoughtful. I am very satisfied with the service and also shared your company's name with my friend.
Jasmine GonzalezJasmine Gonzalez
23:51 06 Aug 22
Extremely satisfied customer.Happy with how quick and efficient these guys were at breaking up my floors and getting me all new plumbing.Marcelino and Roger were Very respectful and helpful to me and my home.I would recommend them and this company 100 percent thank you so much
Kari SKari S
23:04 04 Aug 22
The experience we had working with the guys from Rotor Ranger was actually pretty good considering we had a pretty big problem with drainage and roots in pipelines. Jared was very clear on what was needed and explained everything that would be done, and got it scheduled and moving towards repair... very quickly. The service guys took care of the back ups and the cleaning of the pipes very quickly and professionally. Barney, Dylan, Roger and Marcelino were very helpful, friendly & competent in their perspective jobs! it doesn’t even look like they dug up my front yard to take care of the clogged up pipe. Everything is put back exactly as it should be. Job well done. I would recommend these guys very highly. Thanks!read more
Janet HardingJanet Harding
20:30 13 Jul 22
Jason & Dillon we’re so great! They replaced my garbage disposal, cleaned up, put all my stuff back under my sink, & this whole process only took about 15 minutes! They were fast & did a great job! I will definitely be using them & Rooter Ranger again!
David SchneiderDavid Schneider
06:13 19 Aug 22
I 100% recommend Cody from Rooter Ranger. I've owned several high end homes and am extremely selective when choosing a plumber and any home service company. There were so many choices and I fortunately picked the right one and then immediately cancelled 3 additional appointments my wife and I had... made with other companies.This was beyond great service. The experience with Rooter Ranger was top notch and Cody's knowledge, troubleshooting, perseverance and ingenuity to solve the problem with my kitchen plumbing was beyond impressive. It was truly a different level of care and experience and I am sincerely most grateful for his excellent work. My thanks!!! David (La Jolla homeowner)read more
Mary KingsleyMary Kingsley
15:36 03 Aug 22
Frank the supervisor came out to my house promptly because there were no available technicians (all busy on jobs.) He personally came out to help me with my emergency! He was friendly and informative throughout. He took the time to explain my situation to me, he fixed my problem fast! I could not... be happier. I would definitely recommend Rooter Ranger to anyone having shower/tub issues. Fast and professional. Thanks, Frank! I found a new plumber!read more
Shraddha PatelShraddha Patel
00:53 13 Jul 22
Stan did an outstanding job with my kitchen sink faucet install and helped me so much in trying to get the proper bathtub faucet trim. He has a great work ethic. He is a genuine person and even fixed a minor leak inder the kitchen sink for free!Thanks Stan!!
Lisa NguyenLisa Nguyen
23:50 15 Jun 22
5 stars for Stan, was very efficient (got the job done quickly) and polite. My sink was clogged for a couple weeks and he got it fixed very quickly. The drainage is working great now! Highly recommend this service and Stan! Great service!
Dennis RagasaDennis Ragasa
23:28 27 Apr 22
Rooter Ranger technician Frank Arias was very knowledgeable about his job. He fully explain the issue and makes honest recommendations for repairs. He did an excellent job in conducting hydro jet cleaning both kitchen and main sewer lines and removed the clog. He even fixed the leaking kitchen sink... drain line. He definitely educated me about house plumbing/drains…. I highly recommend Rooter Ranger!!! Thank you!!read more