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Gas is often used as your primary energy source to power different appliances and systems in your home, including your kitchen cooktop, furnace, water heater, and clothes dryer. Switching from electric to gas-fired appliances can also mean significant savings for you.

If you are considering gas line installation, we can help. Through the years, we have carried out safe and efficient installation in cities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our trained and certified specialists are experts at conducting safe, proper, and code-compliant installations.

At Rooter Ranger, we are committed to ensuring your appliances work safely and efficiently. Whether it's gas line repair or installation that you need help with, we are your best option. Our competent and experienced plumbers will be there in minutes to assist you with your installation or repair needs.

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If you notice any odd smell from your gas line system or hissing sounds, it is likely that you need to have it repaired. Fortunately, you have us. We have been providing exceptional and trusted repair services for many years now. Our trusted plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to get your unit working like new again in no time.

Gas line repair and installation is not a DIY job. They should only be handled by certified and experienced plumbers. Our plumbing professionals will help ensure repairs are carried out correctly and your plumbing system is properly protected. We know how important your plumbing system is, so we ensure we provide professional and safe service at all times.

At Rooter Ranger, we are committed to providing world-class service to our valued customers. To honor that commitment, we have mastered the complex art of gas line installation and repair. Check out the thousands of reviews we have and discover for yourself why we are your best option.

Why You Need to Invest in the Services of a Professional Gas Line Plumber

Here's a common misconception: professional plumbers only work with water and sewer pipes. However, plumbers are also experts at installing and repairing natural gas lines. If you need piping installation or repair, our dependable plumbers can do the job correctly, safely, and in compliance with local building codes.

Below are the reasons why investing in the services of our seasoned plumbers is worth it:


When living and working with natural gas, safety is an important consideration. Our highly trained, experienced and licensed plumbers can install and repair gas pipes safely and efficiently, so you won't have to worry about a faulty system.


Some jurisdictions have laws or codes that require gas pipe installation to be carried out only by licensed professionals. Our licensed plumbers can complete any job correctly and safely.


Our knowledgeable plumbers know which materials and pipes are safe and effective for installations. They are also experts on how to install and bury the pipes properly. This is crucial, especially when retrofitting or repairing existing piping systems. When pipes are installed incorrectly or if they become degraded, they can leak gas that is extremely hazardous.


When installing a gas pipe at home, it is likely that you are considering investing in gas-powered appliances as well. Speak with our plumbers beforehand and let them know the appliances you would like to install. Some appliances have specific requirements and our helpful plumbers can provide recommendations and insights.


When our licensed plumbing professionals complete your installation, you are ensured all the lines are installed per city code. City codes are written to ensure safety and they are updated with new technology. Our plumbing professionals are also up to date with the most current updates and city codes to ensure the job is done accordingly.

Legalities and Permits

Most installation jobs will require inspections and permits. If a work is completed without the needed inspections and permits, the city can charge double permit fees when a permit is required. In some instances, the city can require the removal of the line.

Personal Liability and Insurance

Most homeowners' insurance policies won't cover damages and costs for self-installed gas or electrical problems. You must also consider your personal liability if an explosion or fire occurs.
When it comes to gas line installations and repair, leave the job to our expert hands. Our professional plumbers will not only be able to carry out installation and repair jobs safely, but they can also handle any unforeseen problems that might arise during and after the work has been completed.

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