6 Reasons Why Toilets Leak at the Base

Toilets are one of the most commonly used fixtures in your home. Once they leak, they can be a serious problem.

A toilet leaking from the base should not be ignored. Note that the water comes from the toilet bowl and is not sanitary. If not fixed and your toilet continues to leak every time you flush, it will result in more damage, particularly to the flooring and the ceiling of the room below the bathroom. 

There could be several reasons behind this problem. Here are six common reasons your toilet is leaking at the base, along with tips on how to fix them so that your bathroom stays clean and in working order!

1. A faulty wax ring

A faulty wax ring is a common cause of toilet leaks at the base. Wax rings are circular pieces of rubber that sit between the toilet and the floor to create a seal. Water can leak underneath them and into your basement or crawlspace when they wear out or break. The best way to ensure your toilet is leak-free is by replacing worn-out wax rings regularly.

2. A broken flange

A toilet flange is the toilet’s base that creates a seal with the drain pipe. This prevents sewer gasses from entering your home and protects against water spillage. If you notice black, brown, white, or green mold around it, this could signify that the flange has been compromised and needs to be replaced.

3. A loose toilet bowl

A loose toilet bowl can cause a leak, but it’s usually not a problem. If your toilet bowl leaks, you may have to tighten the bolts underneath or replace them altogether. An easy way to check for a loose toilet bowl is by turning off the water supply and looking for leaks around the toilet’s base.

4. A cracked porcelain toilet bowl

Sometimes, a crack in your porcelain toilet bowl can cause water to leak out of the base. This is most likely caused by wear and tear from heavy use or from spilling harsh chemicals on your toilet. The best way to resolve this toilet leak problem is to seek a replacement for your old toilet.

5. A loose fill valve

The fill valve is a part of your toilet tank and is responsible for letting water in to refill the tank after you flush. If the fill valve is loose, leaking, or broken, your toilet will constantly leak from the base. 

To replace a loose fill valve, turn off your water supply and remove any excess water from your toilet tank. Next, unscrew the old fill valve by turning it counterclockwise to loosen it, then pull it straight up to remove it completely.

6. A corroded flush valve

A corroded flush valve is one of the most common and popular reasons that toilets leak at their base. This can happen when minerals and other substances in hard water build up over time, preventing your toilet from sealing properly to prevent leaks.

In Conclusion

Understanding where a leak in your toilet may be coming from can help you quickly fix it and avoid spending money on new parts or tools you don’t need. The six reasons above explain why toilets may leak at the base and what you can do to resolve the problem yourself instead of calling in a plumber or getting a new part you don’t need.

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