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It’s time to take the mystery out of your plumbing system. A problem with your pipes can quickly turn into a guessing game–not anymore with Rooter Ranger’s plumbing camera inspection services in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Our state-of-the-art cameras allow us to check your drains and pipes to give a clear view of their condition and any possible issues. By eliminating the guesswork, we are able to accurately pinpoint the problem and fix it as fast as possible.

If you’re not in Arizona, it’s not a problem! Rooter Ranger Plumbing also provides plumbing camera inspection services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Rooter Ranger team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to resolve any problems our camera finds. Let us help by calling (520) 636-5280 or click on “Schedule Now” to get started.

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Why Our Phoenix Plumbers Recommend Sewer Camera Inspection

If you are already experiencing issues with your plumbing, we do not want to add to the list by digging in your yard or tearing out walls to assess the problem. That’s why our team recommends the use of a camera to get to the source of a problem, because it keeps disturbance to your property to a minimum. Plus, a sewer camera inspection allows for the quicker diagnosis of issues–and quicker solutions!

Here are some specific instances when Rooter Ranger recommends the use of a plumbing camera:

  • If you’re experience slow drains, clogs, or drain line backups
  • Before purchasing a new home to make sure the sewer lines are in optimal condition!
  • Before conducting any major remodel to your home, specifically in the bathroom or kitchen
  • If you want to gauge the overall shape that your pipes are in and take preventive measures to protect your plumbing system

Looking for a minimally invasive option to inspect your plumbing? We offer some of the best plumbing camera inspection services in Phoenix. Give us a call!

When Drain Camera Inspections are Recommended

Drain camera inspections can help us see deep within your drains. Our expert technicians can use this non-invasive tool to check for rust, clogs, broken pipes, root infiltrations, and other signs of damage.


Your sewer line or water main might have several issues causing the blockage. Before going through the hassle of digging things up to get to the root of the problem, give us a call first. Our camera inspection service can accurately determine the main problem: cracked, collapsed or broken pipe, tree root infiltration, or grease or sediments.

Lost Item Retrieval

We are your best option if you need to retrieve a sentimental or valuable item in your drain. We can help you save time and money by locating your missing item easily.

Kitchen or Bath Remodel

If you are considering any kitchen or bathroom remodels, you must check first if your system can handle the new additions. Schedule a camera inspection today and our expert plumbers will be there in minutes to assist you.

New Home

Are you looking for a potential new home? Make sure you don't inherit any plumbing nightmares by having the system inspected by our experienced professionals.

Questions? We Can Help! Contact Us Today!

Benefits of Plumbing Camera Inspection

Plumbing camera inspections offer benefits that are hard to miss. Some of the most enticing include:


A camera inspection is your best option if you want to pinpoint problems accurately and quickly. Before camera inspections were used, many techniques were tried but proved ineffective. With this breakthrough technique, speed and accuracy are ensured.


If you want a cost-effective solution, we can help. Aside from speed and accuracy, this technique can also save you money as it allows us to check for other potential issues before they require costly repairs.


This non-invasive method is effective and safe and won't require taking plumbing fixtures out or cutting into your walls.


A plumbing inspection will not only help you determine the root cause, it can also help you identify possible issues before they get worse and cost you stress and inconvenience.

With fast and expertly-trained plumbers who provide high quality service and transparent pricing, you can trust Rooter Ranger for all your plumbing camera inspection needs in Phoenix.

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At Rooter Ranger we are committed to providing top-notch solutions at a competitive price.

At Rooter Ranger we are committed to providing top-notch solutions at a competitive price. We also provide flexible payment, including monthly payments, special terms promotions, and buy now, pay later options.

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We not only have over a 4.9 star average rating with thousands of reviews, but we’re also an award-winning plumbing company.

These guys especially Travis and his supervisor Seth are the very best. They were very relentlessly trying to help us and find a way to fix our plumbing problem. They were very compassionate with my family and our bad state we were in for over a week. Tried various Companies only to no avail. We are so grateful to these guys and the Rooter Ranger company. They were literally scratching their heads trying their hardest to figure out a way to get us to where we could use our toilets and showers again. We highly recommend this plumbing service over all others, hands down. 🙏🏿

Jiffon Coleman 2 months ago

Our Technician Carvel in Las Vegas gets a 10/10 rating by my family and I. He was very responsive and came to our home to replace our water heater. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. I have used this company recently before and I am pleased with the great value and good quality of products they use. I have had great service from the time I call to request a repair till the time the technician completes it. Thank you again Carvel for providing great customer service to us and installing our new water heater.

Michelle Spott a month ago

Antonio just left who replaced our garbage disposal. We called yesterday for an emergency to unclog our disposal. Antonio showed up with such a friendly yet professional demeanor. We both were very comfortable with him. He answered all our questions and he gave us options which would work best. We decided to replace our garbage disposal. Antonio gave us a price which was reasonable with no hidden fees. He scheduled us for this morning. Antonio showed up ready to go and disposal in hand. He explained why he choose the one he got and how it works. Antonio got to work and was done in no time. Thank you Antonio! 🤙🏼

Roselani Ma'a 3 months ago

We had an emergency flooding from our toilet on a Sunday morning. We tried contacting various Plumbing companies but the majority never called back. Rooter Ranger sent out Antonio who was prompt, professional and extremely helpful along with being very informative. He discovered and corrected the problems at a Very Reasonable Cost. We are using their services for other plumbing difficulties. We Highly recommend Antonio & Rooter Rangers if you have any plumbing problems.

Celestino American 2 months ago

Alex was the perfect technician for the job! He diagnosed the issues I was having for my two bathrooms. He was able to clear my bathtub drain as well as the toilet. The supervisor also came by to check on the pipes and we got an estimate for a permanent solution to my houses drainage issue. 5 star worker and I will definitely recommend this plumbing company to friends and family!

Darren Marzan 6 months ago

Travis and Zac came by and did an amazing job! The nicest guys, the best service, I haven't had this kind of service in years..
Professional, and got the job done fast and efficient..I will never use a other company. Another company came by and tried to shyster me out of unessesary repairs, these gentleman were HONEST with me.

Trey Russell 5 months ago

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