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When a plumbing problem occurs, the attempt to find the main cause can easily turn into a game of cat and mouse. Fortunately, you have us. At Rooter Ranger, we have perfected the art of diagnosing all types of plumbing problems. Our cutting-edge plumbing camera inspection can help ensure we get to the bottom of the problem quickly.

We use state-of-the-art cameras to check your drains and pipes so we will have a clear overview of their condition and other possible issues. This also allows us to accurately pinpoint the exact location of clogs, leaks, and other problems. Our experts will eliminate the guesswork and fix your plumbing issues as fast as possible.

We are your best option for all your drain and plumbing camera inspection needs. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to resolve any problems on the spot. To ensure your complete satisfaction, our technicians will explain your options so you can make an educated decision before any work begins.

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We Do Plumbing Camera Inspection Right

The biggest challenge with plumbing issues is accurately locating the root of the problem. Before, it was not rare for a trench to be dug just to find the main cause of the issue. At Rooter Ranger, we are proud to provide an alternative! Our plumbing camera inspections will help us get to the source of the problem while keeping any disturbance to a minimum.

Fixing plumbing problems does not have to include any damage to surrounding properties. Our camera inspections will allow us to diagnose any issues quickly so we can offer the right solutions immediately. We can also identify potential issues to take preventive measures before they happen and require costly repairs.

Plumbing camera inspections are highly recommended if you are experiencing slow drains, clogs, and drain line backups. A camera inspection is also ideal before purchasing your dream house, as it can help ensure sewer lines are in peak condition and won't require expensive repairs before you move in.

Call us if you are looking for a non-invasive method to identify problems. We will eliminate the need for messy digging and address any problems before they strike so you can save time and money. We are available 24/7 and we offer flexible financing options for your added convenience.

When Drain Camera Inspections are Recommended

Drain camera inspections can help us see deep within your drains. Our expert technicians can use this non-invasive tool to check for rust, clogs, broken pipes, root infiltrations, and other signs of damage.


Your sewer line or water main might have several issues causing the blockage. Before going through the hassle of digging things up to get to the root of the problem, give us a call first. Our camera inspection service can accurately determine the main problem: cracked, collapsed or broken pipe, tree root infiltration, or grease or sediments.

Lost Item Retrieval

We are your best option if you need to retrieve a sentimental or valuable item in your drain. We can help you save time and money by locating your missing item easily.

Kitchen or Bath Remodel

If you are considering any kitchen or bathroom remodels, you must check first if your system can handle the new additions. Schedule a camera inspection today and our expert plumbers will be there in minutes to assist you.

New Home

Are you looking for a potential new home? Make sure you don't inherit any plumbing nightmares by having the system inspected by our experienced professionals.

Other possible problems a drain camera inspection can pinpoint include:

  • Collapsed, cracked, or broken pipes
  • Offset pipes
  • Off-grid pipes
  • Root infiltration
  • Corrosion
  • Blockage
  • Bellied pipe
  • Leaking joints

Benefits of Plumbing Camera Inspection

Plumbing camera inspections offer benefits that are hard to miss. Some of the most enticing include:


A camera inspection is your best option if you want to pinpoint problems accurately and quickly. Before camera inspections were used, many techniques were tried but proved ineffective. With this breakthrough technique, speed and accuracy are ensured.


If you want a cost-effective solution, we can help. Aside from speed and accuracy, this technique can also save you money as it allows us to check for other potential issues before they require costly repairs.


This non-invasive method is effective and safe and won't require taking plumbing fixtures out or cutting into your walls.


A plumbing inspection will not only help you determine the root cause, it can also help you identify possible issues before they get worse and cost you stress and inconvenience.
If you think you can benefit from a plumbing camera inspection, give us a call. Our professionals will get to you quickly and provide expert solutions to your plumbing problems.

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