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Here's an alarming statistic: according to the Environmental Protection Agency, at least 90 gallons of water are wasted daily. The culprit? Leaks in the water line! What's even more distressing is that 10% of homes have undetected water line leaks. Don't be part of the statistics!

If you suspect you have water line leaks, we are the company to call! At Rooter Ranger, we treat every call as an emergency so our trusted and friendly professionals will get to you in minutes. We are rated among the top plumbers in every state because of our expertise, professionalism, qualifications, and availability.

Whether it's water line repair, water line installation, or water line replacement you need help with, we are your best option. When you choose us, you can expect unmatched workmanship, exceptional service, and price transparency. We will also provide fast service and personalized attention from start to finish.
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A Water Line Installation Company You Can Count On

When it comes to water line installation, you should never take chances. You need a plumbing professional who knows the required municipal codes and building regulations and can recommend what needs to be done. This is where we come in. We are an award-winning company with a 4.9 rating average and thousands of reviews.

Our team of friendly, trained, and experienced professionals are experts at water line installations. Our technicians have also mastered the intricate art of water line replacement and water line repair. We will use new technologies and time-honored techniques to assess your water line's condition and provide recommendations based on hard evidence.

Aside from water line installation, we also provide water line maintenance service so you can rely on your water line for many years to come. However, main water lines can be prone to problems because of their location, extensive use, and the fact that they are always under pressure. Fortunately, we can easily fix any problem you may have with your water line. There is nothing we have not seen before!

Signs You Need a Plumbing Contractor to Repair Your Water Line

Below are some of the telltale signs that point to a broken water line that might need repair or replacement:

Multiple Clogged Drains

While it's natural for drains to get clogged, having multiple clogged drains should be a cause for concern. When drains get stuffed up simultaneously, it can be caused by a possible clog in the main water line, which is much further down.

Low Water Pressure

Experiencing low water pressure in a specific fixture at one point or another is completely normal. However, if there's low water pressure in all your fixtures, that's another sign of a possible water line problem. The clog is likely in your water line and not in your fixtures.

Discolored Water

Your water should come out clear and free from sediment. If the water that comes out is discolored, it's a telltale sign of a water line problem. When there's a leak in your water line, it can let sediment and heavy metals in, which makes the water unsafe for drinking or bathing.

Flooded Yard

A flooded yard can result from overwatering, but if you have adjusted your watering habits but still see pools of water in your yard, you have a possible issue with your main water line. A flooded yard can also be a clear indicator of a massive water line leak.

High Utility Bills

If your water usage has not changed, but your utility bill is unbelievably high, it clearly indicates something is wrong with your main water line. Rising water costs often point to a likely leak in your main water line.
Rooter Ranger has been happily serving satisfied customers in cities throughout Nevada, California, and Arizona. Give us a call right away if you suspect any water line problems. We are available 24/7.

Benefits of Water Line Replacement

Your water line is one of the many utility pathways that have helped make modern life easy and comfortable. Without them, comforts like sanitary sewer and fresh running hot and cold water won't be possible.

Normally, your water lines will do their job without drawing much attention. However, when they begin to fail, they can represent a constant headache that will require water line replacement.

Aside from saving you from unwanted stress, below are some of the benefits of water line replacement:

Thorough Repairs

Even if you have PVC water lines, they can be cracked by environmental forces like encroaching tree roots. Water line replacement can effectively address any current issues you may have since the entire line will be replaced. Brand new pipes can also last many years and help limit future repair costs.

Convenient and Quick

Before, water line replacement required extensive trenching to uncover old pipes. Thanks to modern technology, water line replacement is now faster and less invasive. What's even more impressive? Water line replacement can now be finished in a day or less.

Longer Lifespan

When replacing your copper or PVC pipe with modern plumbing materials, you can enjoy a longer system lifespan and minimize future repairs significantly. Nowadays, most modern pipes are impervious to the damaging effects of the environment and can last as long as fifty years!
Whether you are experiencing water line problems or simply want to be proactive, give us a call. At Rooter Ranger, we can make water line replacement fast, convenient, and affordable for you!

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