Bathtub Plumbing Issues: DIY or Pro?

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Effective Solutions for Common Bathtub Plumbing Issues

Published by Adam Bungart

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Most of the time, bathtubs are a great place to relax and melt away headaches. Other times, plumbing problems pop up and give you a headache instead. Here we will discuss some common bathtub plumbing problems along with potential solutions.

Clogged Drains: Try DIY

Dealing with a clogged drain hole in your bathtub is both frustrating and obstructive to your family’s bathing routine. However, before reaching out to professionals, there are some DIY methods to consider.

Try using a plunger to create a vacuum effect that can dislodge minor clogs. If this proves ineffective, a drain snake could be a better option. Gently maneuver the snake down the drain, rotating it to capture debris.

If these attempts don’t work, call a professional for help right away. Clogged drains can do substantial damage to your home if not addressed promptly and properly.

Black plunger sitting in bathtub as water runs down the cleared drain

Leaky Faucets: DIY Possibility

A persistently dripping faucet is not only bothersome but also wasteful. DIY enthusiasts can take charge of this situation. Start by turning off the water supply and disassembling the faucet to replace worn components. Repair kits with comprehensive instructions are available at hardware stores, simplifying this DIY endeavor.

Water Temperature Fluctuations: Expert Intervention

Are sudden temperature changes disrupting your bathtime relaxation? Inconsistent water temperatures often indicate underlying problems with water supply lines or a malfunctioning mixing valve. Seek the expertise of a skilled plumber who can identify the root cause and restore your relaxation routine.

Uncovering Concealed Leaks: Professional Assistance

Discovering water damage around your bathtub is concerning. Hidden leaks within walls or beneath the tub’s surface can lead to significant home damage. Attempting DIY fixes in such cases can worsen the situation. Hire a professional plumber to locate the leak’s source, perform necessary repairs, and prevent further harm.

If your bathtub plumbing is giving you grief, call Rooter Ranger Plumbing for professional assistance. We are available 24/7 to help you when you need us most.

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