Top 5 Signs That Compels You to Call a Local Plumber in Orange County

There are several types of plumbing problems that can occur in the home. Some of these problems are minor and can be easily fixed, while others are more serious and require the help of a professional. 

If you have plumbing problems, it is important to know when to call a local plumber. Several qualified and experienced plumbers in Orange County like Rooter Ranger can help you with any problem. 

Here are the top 5 signs that you should call a local plumber in Orange County:

1. You have a water leak

American homes frequently experience leaks. 10% of homes, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency, leak 90 gallons of water daily. A typical homeowner could save 10% on their water expenses by fixing any incorrect leaks.

Appliances typically drip when their washers degrade. Dripping can sometimes be a sign of more significant plumbing problems. When you can’t fix the leak yourself, call a plumber. With the savings you get every time you pay your water bill, you’ll repay the cost of the repair.

2. Your drains are clogged

Sinks and showers are highly susceptible to this issue. If there is only one slow-moving drain in your house, the problem might be insignificant. A buildup of waste like dirt, grime, and hair is frequently the culprit.

If the obstruction is not too deep, you can generally clear the drain. However, the situation is more serious if your home’s drains take a long time to empty.

3. You have low water pressure

Poor water pressure is the number one complaint among homeowners worldwide. This minor issue may be brought on by several problems, such as leaks, obstructions, improperly sized pipes, or broken pressure valves. It’s better to call a plumber for an inspection to quickly identify the source of the issue.

4. Your toilet is constantly running

You flushed the toilet an hour ago. So why is it still running? Given that it doesn’t make a lot of noise, this is one of those problems that can sneak up on you and even go undetected for a while.

However, a running toilet indicates that your plumbing system is experiencing a more significant problem. Your water bill will increase if the tank is continuously filled with water.

A seal joins your toilet’s tank and bowl. Water can enter if this seal is compromised, causing the tank to be refilled repeatedly. This is often the cause of the running sound coming from down the hall. Your plumber can fix this issue in no time at all. 

5. You have a sewage backup

Nobody wants to deal with sewage backflow. This water is a health hazard. You don’t want any of that liquid to accidentally overflow the drain and catch you off guard, especially when we’re talking about sewage water.

Back-flow has a rather simple root cause but is unpleasant to deal with. The water may start to flow upward again when the pressure in your home decreases. A professional plumber can shut off your main water valve and address the issue directly.

Find the Plumber in Orange County Today

It is always better to be proactive and get things done before they snowball into major problems. If you find any of the above signs in your home or office, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. Our experienced plumbers in Orange County can take a look and let you know what should be done to get your plumbing system back in tip-top shape.

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